Axios Season 5: Release Date, Cast, News, Spoilers

Ahead of the Season 4 finale, HBO Video has revealed its Axios season 5, starring Mike Allen.

Axios Season 5 Release Date

Axios creator Jim VandeHei hasn't yet ruled out a season fifth for the drama Series. If ratings permitting it expected on 08/12/2024 near the same time. Everything you need to know so far about a possible next season of the Home Box Office drama.

Countdown to Season 5 Release









Axios Season 5th trailer: When can I watch it?

Watch live video about next part of drama filmed by Home Box Office Video. Home Box Office premium television network will upload official video trailer few weeks before the start date.


Axios will highlight the week ahead in politics, business and technology — and the topics shaping the future. Each edition of Axios will feature coverage of a timely big issue, followed by documentary shorts, illuminating interviews with major newsmakers and trustworthy insights delivered with Axios' signature "Smart Brevity" in a succinct, shareable format.

Axios Season 5th cast

We expect similar cast to back in the upcoming season. Self - Contributor will take Mike Allen alongside Self - Contributor will be played by actor Jonathan Swan. Along with Felix Salmon (Self), actor Margaret Talev will be playing Self - Contributor, actor Dion Rabouin will be playing Self - Contributor, Dan Primack (Self - Contributor), Self - Contributor role will be played Ina Freid, Self - Contributor will be played by actor Jim VandeHei and Self - Contributor will be played by actor Alexi McCammond.

Axios Season 5 release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

The returning of drama TV Series will consist of ten episodes, that will be aired live from HBO. Pilot episode starting on 08/12/2024. Series episodes will release every week on Sundays. More detailed episodes list provided inside table below.

Episode NumberTitleRelease Date on HBO
5X01Episode 1December 8, 2024
5X02Episode 2December 15, 2024
5X03Episode 3December 22, 2024
5X04Episode 4December 29, 2024
5X05Episode 5January 5, 2025
5X06Episode 6January 12, 2025
5X07Episode 7March 16, 2025
5X08Episode 8March 23, 2025
5X09Episode 9March 30, 2025
5X10Episode 10April 13, 2025
5X11Episode 11April 20, 2025
5X12Episode 12April 27, 2025
5X13Episode 13August 10, 2025
5X14Episode 14August 17, 2025
5X15Episode 15August 24, 2025
5X16Episode 16August 31, 2025
5X17Episode 17September 14, 2025
5X18Episode 18September 21, 2025
5X19Episode 19September 28, 2025
5X20Episode 20October 5, 2025
5X21Episode 21October 19, 2025

The HBO Video not yet renewed season 5 about Axios drama series. However, it's always the chance that HBO might alter its minds and decide to return the TV show back in the coming years.

Axios still hasn't cancelled season fifth for the drama series at Home Box Office Video. After confirmation we're expecting it to land on 08/12/2024 near the same time as previous.

Axios TV show is not yet live at Home Box Office Video. The exact air date not yet unveiled (though it is calculated to be premiered on 08/12/2024).

The actor who played main character in the series Axios was portrayed by actor Unknown.