Mandrake Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

After the Season 2 finale, Home Box Office has informed about plans for its hit comedy Mandrake season third, starring Marcos Palmeira.

Mandrake Season 3 Release Date

Mandrake creator hasn't yet ruled out a season 3 for the comedy. If it were decided to continue it will return at 2025-01-19 near the same time as previous. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to Season 3 Release









Mandrake Season 3 trailer: When will we see it?

At the moment, this teaser is most precisely to upcoming part of TV series. HBO Video network will release official video trailer one month before the release date.

About Mandrake

The series focuses on the character of Mandrake, a criminal lawyer from Rio de Janeiro played by Marcos Palmeira. His line of work consists mainly of helping wealthy individuals who are facing trouble with the shadier elements of the local society (such as rich men who may be being blackmailed by corrupt cops). Mandrake's job is to act as a go-between Rio's subculture and his clients.He works out of a small, but highly respected, practice, where he has a partner, seventy-year-old Wexler, a Jewish lawyer who was Mandrake's late father's associate in the same practice. In it, Wexler is responsible for the Civil cases, whereas Mandrake (as was his father before him) is responsible for the Criminal ones. Completely honest, Wexler often scolds Mandrake, who he treats like his own son, for his unorthodox and sometimes not completely honest dealings and methods.Mandrake is also a womanizer, often dating two women at once and having numerous one-night stands. Other than women, his other confessed addictions are Cuban cigars and Portuguese wines.The episodes are punctuated by narrations in off by Mandrake, where he ponders about the many aspects of human nature and life in modern society. Besides that, he also has informal discussions about life in general with some colleagues at a local bar, named Bar do ZĂ©.

Mandrake Season 3 premiere date

Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes. They will be accessible on Home Box Office Video on demand immediately after release. Pilot episode starting in 2025-01-19. Series episodes will premiere weekly on Sundays. Detailed episodes list provided below.

Episode NumberTitleRelease Date on HBO
3X01Episode 1January 19, 2025
3X02Episode 2January 26, 2025
3X03Episode 3February 3, 2025
3X04Episode 4February 9, 2025
3X05Episode 5February 16, 2025
3X06Episode 6February 23, 2025
3X07Episode 7March 2, 2025
3X08Episode 8March 9, 2025
3X09Episode 9March 16, 2025
3X10Episode 10March 23, 2025

Mandrake Season 3rd cast: Who is returning?

We're waiting practically identical characters to return in the 3 season. Mandrake will be played Marcos Palmeira alongside Raul role will take Marcelo Serrado. As well as Luis Carlos Miele as Leon Wexler, Berta Bronstein role will play a Maria Luísa Mendonça, Junior role will play a Marcelo Adnet, Virginia Cavendish (Verônica) and Érica Mader (Bebel).

Mandrake hasn't yet renewed reported by official sources. When they determine the fate of 3rd season, we will notify you on our site later.

Mandrake is not yet launched on Home Box Office Video. The exact release date not yet announced, however it is predicted to be aired on 2025-01-19.

The HBO hasn't yet ruled out a season third for Mandrake comedy series. But that is still possible that Home Box Office might alter its minds and decide to bring the series back in the near future. Watch for updates on this page later.

The actor who played Mandrake in the television series Mandrake is Marcos Palmeira.